1 Cross-section of video

To view this content, you need to install Java from java.com
This is an application to see the cross-section of a video. Its more then 4 mb so please be patient. Then the cpu will go up to max.
If you dont get the idea follow these simple instructions
1. click on the applet to focus
2. press r to reset to start value
3. press up-arrow to watch the video.
4. hold down space and move the mouse
5, watch the cube from the side. press up and down button to see the cube move through the plan
6. now hold down the mouse and move around to see the cross-section of the videoContact:
please send me comments.

Source code: MovieCube_img.pde, complete source with images MovieCube_img.zip
You also need to convert a video to an image-sequence and place in the data folder. An easy way if you got mplayer is:
mplayer video.avi -vf scale=240:180:0 -vo jpeg

Built with Processing

Look at similar applications at Golan Levins excellent Informal Catalogue of Slit-Scan Video Artworks

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