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Soon the face recognition tools will expand into the search market. And since everyone putting everything on the Internet and nothing disappears, integrity problems will increase.

A solution to that could be something like this application. It transforms a image to something that is harder to read. and then when you want to look at it it transforms back to the original. Of course you can make a printscreen and crop out the image but that is quite boring.

There are a lot of other uses of a application like this. Photgraphers afraid of people stealing there photos and so on, you don’t need the waterstamp.

This is not a usable product right now but more like a proof of concept.




There are some problems to fix before the application can be used more serious:
1. use of jpeg. An obfuscated image can not be compressed destructive, as jpeg, and still work,
2. keep the compression rate. The example changes every pixel depending on there value and the distorted image cant be compresses since there are no large areas of the same color.
3. add a real encryption algorithm. for example TEA. That would make it almost impossible for an computer do transform back with brutal-force since the result is not plaintext.

Most of them are easy to archive if you instead of images use swf. But one of the main purpose of the application is to be able to continue to use the same channels for images that exist today. People don’t understand the swf format. The example above can be cropped and in some cases rescaled and still be able to be decrypted.


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    Synnerligen deskriptiv hemsida! Gillar utgƄngspunkten!!!

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